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Please note, HCL provides this service on behalf of your child's school

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What you will need

Passport style photo

We require a colour passport style photo of your child taken within the last month

Class/Year Group

You will need to provide details of your child's class name or year group

Allergy/Intolerance Information

Details of your child's allergy/intolerance are required for allergy menu applications

Medical Evidence

Evidence from your child's doctor/consultant/dietitian is required for allergy menu applications.
If you do not hold medical evidence, please download our form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the button below to view all of our FAQs, where we have answered some common questions that may help you.

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Do I need to apply for a special menu?


We offer a daily vegetarian meal option. There is no need for you to apply for a special diet menu using this application system.

Nut Allergies

We do not include nuts as an ingredient or use products that carry "may contain nut traces" labelling, therefore no amended menu is required for only nut allergies. However, we do require that the full application is completed to ensure that all parties are aware of your child's allergy, symptoms and treatment.

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Our main website shows the carbohydrate count for each of our meals. You can find your menu by using the school menu search on our main website. There is no need to apply for a special diet menu.

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